Summit Strategy

Online Advertising

We will work with your organization to design engaging ads that target your supporters wherever they are online. We focus on generating impressions that resonate with voters and reach your target audience. We will also collaborate with your media team to turn TV ads into micro-targeted pre-roll advertising that reaches more specific voters than possible on TV.

Designing a Plan

Starting early is key for success. As more and more campaigns are moving advertising dollars online it is increasingly important to reserve your online space as early as possible, much as you would with TV advertising.

We will work with your organization to design an online advertising plan that reflects your needs and budget and that adjusts to changes happening on the ground.

Whether you’re starting several months out, or want to amplify your campaign’s message in the final days of the election, investing a portion of your ad budget online should be part of any successful campaign plan.

Measuring Success

Knowing whether or not your message is getting through to supporters is critical. Using online advertising is a great way to quickly measure how well a specific message is working.

By constantly monitoring conversions, impressions, click-through rates, and time visitors spend on your website after seeing an ad, we can effectively measure how well a message is working with voters. Unlike with mail or TV, digital ads can be quickly changed to reflect what is and is not working.