Summit Strategy

Web Development

Our experts will guide you through the design, development, and implementation of your website, helping you create an informative, effective, and user-friendly online presence to organize and educate in support of your goals.

A Platform that Works for You

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for a website, that’s why we work with all of the major political technology vendors including NGP, Blue State Digital, Salsa, and NationBuilder. We will work with your organization to match you with the right platform for your needs and budget and then work to integrate the desired platform into the site.

Mobile Ready

A modern website must be optimized for smartphones and tablets so that your supporters can easily connect with your organization from anywhere. By making your website screen responsive, we will also turn your it into a mobile canvassing tool that your staff and volunteers can use to easily sign up new supporters and collect contributions. We will create the new site with a responsive design so that the user experience is fluid and seamless regardless of screen size.


The only way to know what is most effective with your supporters is to experiment and optimize based on actual data. We will continuously test different parts of the website to understand what resonates best with your supporters, giving you the most effective website for your campaign.