Summit Strategy

Digital Strategy

Whether you’re a local business or a national campaign, technology can help you reach your customers and supporters more effectively and efficiently. But every client has different technology needs. That’s why we tailor solutions to your individual campaign, ensuring you get the most return on your investment online.

Email Marketing

Implement an email marketing solution that will empower you to communicate with supporters as individuals and gauge the effectiveness of your messaging.

Social Media Strategy

Whether you know it or not, your brand is being talked about on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Are you part of the conversation? Or just the subject of it?

We use social media to authentically reflect what is happening on the ground. Whether it is engaging the active base or bringing supporters together to talk about the campaign, we make it happen.

We develop and execute social media plans that encourage online engagement, maximize impressions, likes, shares, and follows, and most importantly, converts your social media network into action takers and donors.

The content we create is specifically designed for your campaign and will continually push your message and branding to your supporters and their friends.

Whether inviting supporters to an event or live-responding to a debate on Twitter, our content will be engage your supporters and bring new people to your campaign.